Partnership in Culture, Science and Health Care

Partnership in Culture, Science and Health Care

Памятник казачеству As a sponsor "Stroi International" supports the expansion of cultural relations and finances national cultural projects. We took an active participation in preparation and organization of the regional musical contest for the young talented people "A Staircase to the Sky".

Being located at the territory of multinational Kuban region we are clearly aware of the necessity for consolidation of collaboration of various nations and ethnic groups. We provide help to the regional division of the "Union of Armenians in Russia, Krasnodar region", to the editorial staff of the "Ethnopolitical Insvestigations Center".

The company's management took an interest in a professional education of young people in the field of civil and industrial construction, economy and interfaced professions and for many years sponsors Krasnodar Technological University, helping to upgrade the technical base of the University, participating in final examinations as a member of the State Attestation Commission. The Company also sponsors the Kuban State University. Students of the Technological University do summer practical work and have practical trainings at the most interesting construction sites of the Company, acquiring substantial experience from the skilled specialists and applying practical knowledge when working out the diploma projects. Upon final examinations held in the University the best students are invited to join the Company and its divisions.

Humanitarian Aid

"Stroi International", JSC, attaches a particular significance to humanitarian issues and efforts, aimed at decreasing of a number of problems in Russia and Krasnodar region. The Company not only purposedly sponsors various municipal organizations, but also takes participation in humanitarian aid programs.

"Stroi International" is also sponsoring on a regular basis the Municipal Hospital of Emergency First aid, helping to acquire medical equipment and consumables.

A substantial help was given to the following organizations: acquisition of medical equipment for disabled children (Regional Organization) and childhood invalids (Regional "INVA-Studio" of All-Russian Society of blind people).

A great importance is attached to quality of school and specialized education of young people, that's why the Company is sponsoring boarding schools, college № 63, Department of Education of the Prikubanskiy District.

Letter of Gratitude
To General Director of “Stroi International”, JSC, Mr. Arthur S. Avanessian

Dear Mr. Avanessian!
Dear employees of “Stroi International”, JSC!

With deep respect and from the bottom of my heart I would like to express my sincere gratitude for Your aid, for monetary funds which will be used to pay off the expensive surgery. Before I could have only dreamt of this surgery.

I am deeply grateful for Your kind attention to me, a disabled person, living in province! Now, with Your help I’ll possibly acquire a certain independence from full-time care, will experience joy of content living, it’s an unbelievable feeling.

I cannot help saying once and once again: thank You so much, Mr. Avanessian!

I wish that happiness and luck will always be at Your side, God will save You from harm, and love and joie de vivre will always accompany You!

Let our Lord repay You for Your kindness to people and care!

V. Zabortzev
Eysk, Oktyabrskiy village, Krasnodar Region, Russian Federation