From a Concept to Working Design

Phase of design development and consulting includes the process from working out of the initial idea into the completed project for taking a final decision and presentation of a project in the form of a ready solution in functional, technical and financial sense. Development of design is based on the latest ecological standards that allow to fit a construction process and a project into environment maximally naturally. Every new project gives to an ecological engineering more rapid development.

Flexibility, creativity, search of effective and out-of-range design solutions, will to keep pace with progress in design and decoration are the key tasks and characteristics of the design team "Kuban Universal Project", a member of "Stroi International" group.

Staff of "Kuban Universal Project", Ltd., is a successor of staff of the oldest institute in Russia "Krasnodarskiy Promstroiproject". Nowadays highly qualified specialists have a considerable experience in design and construction of unique projects with consideration of seismic factors, in difficult climatic conditions with loose settling and expanding soils. "Kuban Universal project" has a flexible structure that with permanent number of 45-50 people allows to fulfill a defined program in full scope and in agreed time, to coordinate design work with local authorities, controlling and supervising bodies. A distinctive feature of the design documentation, issued by the institute, is a complex solution of design development of buildings and structures of any functional purpose in advanced seismic requirement conditions as well as a complete set of necessary services, feasibility studies of the investments in construction, obtaining of permits, coordination of solutions with authorities, functions of a General Planner, of a Client and backing up of foreign projects.

"Kuban Universal Project" together with "Stroi International" specialists pioneered in implementation of the effective self-supporting and supporting structures from foam concrete with improved enclosure insulation properties in Krasnodar region.

"Kuban Universal Project" has an experience of a successful cooperation with foreign companies when design documentation is being produced in two languages, Russian and English. Specialists execute verification of design, developed by foreign companies, for compliance with Russian norms and update it, incorporating all required changes which are simultaneously being agreed upon with municipal and regional controlling organizations. Verification and updating of design are made on electronic carriers that considerably speeds up a design process and allows to eliminate design errors. An example of such an effective and well coordinated of two design bureaus, Russian and foreign, is the verification and updating of design of the hi-tech warehouse # 98 (Philip Morris Kuban, Krasnodar), developed by Austrian company "FS Plan & Bau"

Specialists of the institute actively participate in realization of the state supported program "Residential buildings". In 2000 there was developed a first pilot project equipped with roof boiler house. Further we have started to develop rapidly erectable seismic-proof multi storied residential buildings with cast-in-site concrete and steel framework in the existing districts as well as in the new developing areas.

The design institute operates in compliance with complex system of design quality management, developing design and constructing projects against international standards ISO 9000. It has interface norms and the up-to-date hardware and software, copying machines that allow to produce high quality design documentation.