References from Domestic Clients

Krasnodar Municipal Rehabilitation Center (KMLDO SKAL) (Russia, Krasnodar)
Michael Sveschinskiy, Doctor in Chief

"JSC "Stroi International" is the biggest and most qualified company of construction industry in Krasnodar and Krasnodar region. Our hospital complex stands as a long-term client for "Stroi International" in construction of the modern medical complex - SKAL Rehabilitation Center and knows the company as a reliable and obligatory partner. At the jobsite of the complex first phase the company demonstrated not only interesting architectural concept of the project and good taste in finishing of premises, but also good knowledge of requirements to design and construction of hospitals, proper selection of domestic and foreign construction materials (for example, application of special easy cleaned surfaces for medical buildings), comfortable planning of premises with consideration of every wish of the Client. The management of our hospital recommends "Stroi International" as a company with professional staff, all necessary construction machinery and processes, wide network of domestic and foreign vendors and experience in specialized construction of hospitals, which is perfectly able to fulfill the most demanding orders with precise observance of execution schedules."

JSC "Stroybank" (Krasnodar, Russia)
Raisa Valko, Executive manager

"JSC "Stroi International" is one of the biggest and most progressive construction companies in Krasnodar region and also one of the founders of "Stroibank". Within our cooperation "Stroi International" has proved itself as a reliable partner constantly working at improvement of construction technologies, methods of management, implementation of new building materials which enable "Stroi International" to complete contracts in due time, at the high quality level and in accordance with European standards. JSC "Stroibank" was repeatedly financing building of several projects upon request of "Stroi International" and credits have been fully repaid within the fixed terms."

JSC "Yugbank"
Antonina Tchumatchenko, Affiliate manager

"JSC "Stroi International" proved its reputation as a reliable partner which is confirmed by steady long term relations with world-wide known companies as "Philip Morris international group", "Fluor Daniel B.F." (Holland), "FS Plan & Bau OEG" (Austria). "Stroi International" is constantly working at improvement of construction processes, purchase of the latest construction materials, equipment and processes from the following European companies for application on the domestic jobsites:

Upon request of "Stroi International" JSC "Yugbank" regularly raised credits for construction of projects and these credits were always returned in full and in specified time.

Russian Federation Spare Bank, Krasnodar Division (South-West Bank)
Michael Zolotaryov, Executive manager

"JSC "Stroi International" is a leading and one of the most powerful construction companies in Krasnodar and Krasnodar region. Our bank has been cooperating with "Stroi International" on a long term basis and knows it as a reliable, financially sound and obligatory partner, one of the biggest and punctual tax payers in the region. The best knowledge of construction market, precise observance of contractual obligations before domestic and foreign partners and professional fulfillment of financial transactions allowed the company to preserve stability and to work effectively in a complicated economical situation."

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation
Head Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Krasnodar Region
Boris Levtcheko, Head of the Hospital of Ministry of Internal Affairs

"Taking into account a successful cooperation with "Stroi International" at construction of the modern hospital of Ministry of Internal Affairs (Krasnodar Region) which is successfully being executed on a "Turn-Key" basis with full elaboration of the design of the building and its systems, we recommend to employ this Company for design, construction and erection of medical projects, considering a substantial experience and professionalism in this particular field as well as thorough understanding of requirements to construction of health care projects".

Russian Federation
Administration of Timashevsk region of Krasnodar region
N.M. Okhvat, Deputy Of the Head of Administration

Dear Mr. Avanessian!!

On behalf of builders of Timashevsk region we express our appreciation and gratitude for our cooperation in restoration of residential houses in Novokubansk town. The attitude of "Stroi International" headed by You as a General Contractor to subcontractors from Timashevsk, due handing over of required documentation, in-time financing, creation of better working conditions allowed us to fulfill the assigned tasks successfully. Together with Your company we shall be honoured to work on a subcontract condition again.
With gratitude and hope for future cooperation