Circuit and Infrastructure of «Formula One»

Circuit of "Formula One" in Sochi is ready to host Grand-Prix on 12th of October, 2014

Vettel Onboard Camera - First lap on Sochi Track (video from Infinity page)

Unique Characteristics of the Project in Sochi

Race Control System (RCS) was executed in cooperation with the special electronics leader "_wige SOLUTIONS gmbh" (Germany)

- Race Security System

Race Security System


Digital Video Storage System

- Hard disc recording and replay-system for all track cameras

- 65 х HDSDI Recording System with max. 100 frames per second

Race Control Management and Fault Indication System

- Full control and overview of the functionality of all system functions

Race Control and Marshal Intercom/radio communication system

- Radio Communication System for all Marshals and Recovery Services, cabled Backup-System on each Marshal Post

Digital Flag System / Driver-Information-LED-Lightflags

- Full Matrix and colour LED panels for electronic flags in compliance with the FIA ISC Annex H with extreme brightness

- Starting- and Pit-Exit lights in compliance with the FIA ISC Annex H

Sochi Autodrom wheather station

Media Distribution System

Media Distribution System

- 930 centrally managed and remote operated HD-TV-Sets in all buildings

- 15 "videowalls"


- with access to different satellites including a Cable Head End station

Audio/Public address-system

- 510 Loudspeakers with more than 100 kW power-consumption - all over the whole event area to give information and security announcement to the spectators

Full equipped media center for 400 journalists

WI-FI Zone

Timekeeping System

_wige Solutions/Tag Heuer Timekeeping Systems

Uninterrupted Power Supply - Battery System

Able to run the whole system only by battery for ≥ 20 minutes to give full autonomy

Data Network and Voice-Over-IP-Tele-Communication

Special Race Electronics System at a Glance

About "_wige Solutions gmbh"

"_wige Solutions gmbh"is one of the leading specialists in the world for motosports and race tracks and partner for many racing series in Germany and Europe.

Based at German race track Nuerburgring, the company develops, operates and maintains techniques for race tracks for over 30 years.

The scope offers besides technical solutions and services a broad range of TV-productions services, graphics, hospitality-support, brand-content- and event-marketing-services, ticketing services and consulting services.

"Stages of Construction"

Russian Grand Prix (Sochi)

Circuit Name: Sochi Autodrom

Number of Laps: 53

Circuit Length: 5.848 km or 3.6337787 Miles

Race Distance: 309.732 km or 192.4585421 Miles

The Sochi circuit, located in the Black Sea resort of the same name, is the first purpose-built Formula One facility in Russia.

Construction of the 5.853 km track has come under the design supervision of renowned circuit architect Hermann Tilke. The circuit is integrated into the Olympic Park infrastructure, the facilities located in close vicinity to the Olympic Park railway station and to the roads which connect the Olympic venues with Sochi International Airport.

The track width varies from 13 metres at its narrowest point to 15 metres at the start-finish line. The circuit, which runs in a clockwise direction, consists of 12 right - and six left-hand corners, and combines both high-speed and technical sections. Formula One cars are expected to reach a maximum speed of 320 km/h on the 650-metre straight between the first and second turns, with an average lap speed of around 215 km/h.

"The circuit is going to be very fast and technical and offering a number of interesting features", says Tilke of the 55,000 capacity venue. "It is a fantastic facility with a great atmosphere and it will be outstanding as the circuit will run through the Olympic Park. I am very optimistic about the future of the unique racing track in Sochi, and am looking forward to a triumphant start of Formula One racing in Russia".

2014 sees the city hosts not only its first Formula One Grand Prix, but also the 22nd Olympic Winter Games and 11th Paralympic Games. It will also be a host city for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Unofficially nicknamed "the summer capital of Russia", the city of Sochi usually enjoys 200 days of sunshine a year and is characterized by a unique blend of beautiful scenery, the warm azure waters of the Black Sea and high mountains of the Caucasus, all of which will provide a distinct and spectacular setting for the Grand Prix.

The 5.853-kilometre circuit is located within Sochi's dazzling Olympic Park and winds its way around many of the architecturally eye-catching venues that were built for the Games.

"I'm very impressed with the layout of the track", says FIA Formula One race director and safety delegate Charlie Whiting. "The size of the project is very impressive".

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, who visited the completed circuit in August, was equally impressed with what he found.

"It's an interesting layout with a good mix of high-speed corners and technical sections", he said. "it's going to be a huge challenge in a Formula One car".


"Visit of Mr. Charlie Whiting, Formula One Race Director and FIA safety delegate"


Russian Grand Prix Set to Take Place After Track Approved by the FIA

Russian Grand Prix given green light after passing FIA track inspection

The Russian Grand Prix has been given the green light after it passed a FIA track inspection.

The Sochi Autodrom, built on the site of the Winter Olympic Games staged earlier this year, was deemed to be in "an extremely good condition" and will host Russia's first Formula One race in October.

"The circuit will be issued with a Licence", race director Charlie Whiting, who led a FIA delegation in Sochi in August, said: "Everything has been done according to the plans - the kerbs are very good, the verges, the guardrails, the walls - everything is in an extremely good condition.

Everything has been done to the highest standards and I am extremely pleased.

I can say without hesitation that the circuit is ready 60 days in advance, which is very rare really. What I've seen today gives me complete comfort that the circuit will be entirely ready when I come back for the Grand Prix".


  "Race Control Tower"

Grand Prix of High Technologies ( Ivanov)


The anticipation of the upcoming epic has appeared already when approaching the autodrom, ideally fitted with its grand and temporary stands and pit-building into the Olympic Park, around main sport venues of which, the track is laid. Inside one can smell freshness and novelty, paint on the floor of garages has not even dried out. But the main pride of the autodrom - race control room - is fully completed and ready for the race.

German specialists from "_wige LIVE SOLUTIONS GmbH", responsible for unique system of interconnected 50 video surveillance cameras, repeated words of appraisal of Charlie Whiting, who will occupy his working place here in three weeks. The Formula One race director, who earlier visited Sochi, has already praised the advanced technology and called it the best among all calendar tracks of royal races. No doubt about it - the surveillance of the race scheduled on 12th of October will be up to the highest standard and none of the incidents should escape stewards and Mr. Whiting.



Russia's Formula One Debut Sets Sochi's Olympic Park Alight

(Russia Beyond the Headlines, October 13, 2014)


Last weekend (10-12th of October, 2014) the Black Sea resort of Sochi hosted Russia's first ever Formula One Grand Prix race. The debut was acclaimed as a success, with famous drivers, journalists and the public lining up to pay compliments to the Russian organizers on their achievement.

Citations of the Day:

President and Executive Director of "Formula One Management"

Bernie Ecclestone

"It will be one of the most sensational Grand Prix. No one built the circuit so like in Sochi".

Formula One Race Director and FIA safety delegate

Charlie Whiting

"Russian Championship was almost ideal."

He pointed out the high level of organization, adding that although Sochi had a new race track and none of the competing racers knew it well enough, there had been no emergency situations.

"Tilke GmbH", Chief Architect

Hermann Tilke

"The circuit is going to be very fast and technical and offering a number of interesting features".

Mercedes Team

Lewis Hamilton, the winning race driver

"...I've thoroughly enjoyed the weekend here in Russia, it's a great place. It's been one of my favourite venues so far this year, so it's very cool to have won the first race here."

Toro Rosso Team

Daniil Kyat, racing driver

"The circuit is sufficiently technical. The circuit is of the world class. Everybody is happy by what was built in Sochi".